What Can I Donate?

We welcome donations of clean men’s, women’s and children’s clothes which are in good condition. We also sell vintage clothing and all accessories including jewellery, handbags, hats, belts, shoes and scarves as well as manchester items.


Boutiques or Designers wishing to donate may be eligible for a tax deduction. Please click link below for further details.









Are My Items Worth Donating?

Nothing is wasted. 

Recycle not landfill!


While we are thrilled to receive donations of designer labels, we welcome all donations of clean clothes and accessories in good condition.  All donations are carefully vetted and items unsuitable for sale, due to stains or holes still make money for Red Cross. These get sold in bulk to a recycling company who ships them overseas to be processed.


How Can I Donate?

We have storage facilities available from mid October each year until the Sale in May, so would be delighted to receive your donations during that period.


If you have an exceptional donation to make before October please contact us as we can usually find alternative storage.

School Collections

The following local schools also support us by organising clothing drives for the Bindaring Sale, usually late April and early May. Please email us for details.



Cottesloe Primary School 



North Cottesloe Primary School  


St Hilda’s

Scotch College

John XXIII College


What Happens To My Donation?

All donations are stored until two weeks before the sale when sorting begins. Approximately 8 tons of clothes and accessories (around 50 cubic meters) are transferred from storage to the Robinson Pavilion where the Sale will take place. Bindaring Unit members and other volunteers gather to quality check and sort the mountain of donations into the different areas of the Sale.


What Happens to Unsold Donations?

All items unsold at the end of the Sale Day are boxed up and sent to Red Cross Retail Shops around the State, earning tens of thousands more for Red Cross Services. Any items that cannot be sold through Red Cross stores, such as underwear and swimwear, are donated to relevant charities.


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