Boutique Donations


The Bindaring Sale is incredibly fortunate to be the recipient of very generous donations each year from some of Perth's top boutiques.

These donations contribute greatly to the amount of money the sale raises for vital Red Cross services.


All proceeds from the sale go directly to Red Cross. All Bindaring volunteers are bound by our "No Pre-Purchase Policy" ensuring all donations are available for sale on the day.

Tax Deduction


Australian Red Cross is a registered charity. If you are a designer or boutique your business may be eligible for a tax deduction for items donated to the sale. Individual businesses are advised to consult their own accountant in advance to confirm their eligibility for any taxation advantage.



We like to acknowledge our generous supporters. If you prefer to remain anonymous please specify this so we can respect your request.

Unsold Donations

All items unsold at the end of the sale are boxed and sent to Red Cross Retail Shops around WA, earning tens of thousands dollars more for Red Cross Services.

How to Donate

  1. At any time during the year contact our Donations Team to arrange collection.

  2. Businesses are asked to provide a detailed invoice listing the donated goods and stating whether the prices indicated are retail or wholesale, and inclusive or exclusive of GST.

  3. Following collection of the donation and the invoice, your business will receive a letter from the Australian Red Cross confirming receipt.

What to Donate

Bindaring welcomes donations of clothing, accessories and shoes for men, women and children:

  • current stock, sale or old stock,

  • samples, and

  • slightly damaged or shop soiled items.


We have a superb Mend and Clean team!

Donations Team

Please contact our Donations Team for more information.

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