The Story of the Bindaring Red Cross Clothing Sale

Since 1963, the Bindaring Red Cross volunteers based in Claremont, Perth, have raised funds to support vital Red Cross services for our communities here in Australia. Their Clothing Sale has raised over $2 million to date.


The Bindaring Unit of the Red Cross was established in July 1963 by a small group of friends. The unit was named after Bindaring Parade in Claremont, Perth, where the first meeting was held.


Initially the primary efforts of the group were focused not on fund raising but on practical help at the Lady Lawley Cottage – a convalescent hospital for children in Cottesloe. Early activities included driving children between their homes and the hospital, ferrying children to medical appointments, swimming lessons and other activities, organising a Christmas party and so on. However it quickly became apparent that financial resources at the hospital were stretched and so began a series of cake stalls and quiz nights.


The first Clothing Sale, held on 11th July 1964 with garments generously donated by friends and family, raised a total of 51 pounds. However the Bindaring members quickly recognised the exceptional quality of the donated clothes and the following year a fashion parade and auction was introduced.

Sales increased exponentially and soon the annual event was cemented into the Perth Fashion scene. The garage was soon outgrown and the sale moved to Perth Town Hall for many years. The Bindaring Clothing Sale now takes place in the Robinson Pavilion in Claremont Showground. In 2017 sales at the one day sale exceeded $200,000.


Some of the founder members are now grandmothers and are still actively involved in the Sale. Happily they have since been joined by their daughters, granddaughters and an ever expanding group of friends and volunteers. Over 100 volunteers come together each year to plan, organise and work at the sale. The core group of Bindaring members are enthusiastically supported by community service students from local schools, volunteers from other Red Cross units and many dedicated employees of Red Cross who selflessly dedicate their day off to ensuring the success of what is now the biggest one day fundraiser for Australian Red Cross.


The Bindaring Unit celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2013.



3 of the Sale's founders - May 2016

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