Exceptional items go into our Silent Auction


Bidding starts when Boutique opens at 9.00am and closes at 12 noon sharp.


Silent Auction Rules

  1. Each item is numbered.

  2. Place your bid on the corresponding Bidding Sheet.

  3. Please note that each item has both a minimum starting bid and bid increment.

  4. You may place as many bids as you wish during the auction period.

  5. Bidding closes at 12.00pm sharp. If two or more bidders are competing for the same items at the same time, each bidder will be invited to place a final BLIND OFFER. The highest bidder will be successful.

  6. Bidders must be available to pay for their items by 12.30pm, otherwise it may be offered to the next under bidder.

  7. Bindaring reserves the right to withdraw an item from sale should it fail to reach the reserve price.

We believe these goods to be authentic, but can not guarantee it.

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