Top Tips for a Professional Wardrobe Clear Out - Free Yourself from Unwanted Clutter!

February 7, 2016

“I’ve got nothing to wear!” 

Sound familiar?  Sometimes the problem is you don’t know what you have got.


Declutter your wardrobe, ditch the stuff you don’t wear and discover some gems you had forgotten.  Embrace the serenity of an organised wardrobe filled only with clothes that flatter and fit you!




Why don’t you invite your friend/mother/sister over and do it together – it is more fun with someone else. They can give you honest advice and you can return the favour another day.  Then you both win.


It can be hard to part with really beautiful things that you think you may wear 'one day',  but if they are just going to clutter up your life, gather dust and get moth-eaten in your cupboard, take a deep breath and give them to Red Cross.  It is a liberating feeling and you are helping others too!  Read on for our top tips on how to tackle it!




Allocate yourself 2-3 hours so you can get the whole job done in one go.


What you will need:

Bin bags

Laundry basket

Vacuum cleaner (chair/ladder)


Eucalyptus or lavender oil

If your budget allows, consider buying thin flocked hangers ($54.99 for mixed set of 50 at Spotlight).  These hangers are a great investment.  They take up less room than many others and stop clothes slipping off onto the floor or stretching.


Ok – it is time to start!


Empty all the clothes and shoes from the wardrobe onto your bed

Get a chair or ladder and vacuum the top of the wardrobe and inside.

Put a drop of eucalyptus or lavender oil on a duster and wipe the inside walls and floor of the wardrobe.  This will deter moths.  Then open the windows and let the fresh air in while you sort through the clothes.


Examine each piece of clothing and divide into 5 piles.

* To Keep

* Washing/Drycleaning

* Bindaring Red Cross Sale

* Mend

* Bin


Items that you still wear regularly

Check to see it is clean and doesn’t need any repairs and give it an honest assessment – does it still have life in it or should it be retired to the bin?  If those favourite running pants are starting to go in the bottom they won’t be doing you any favours – put them in the bin and buy some new ones.  Target and Kmart do some great ones at very reasonable prices or treat yourself at Lulu Lemon.

If it is yellowing from sunscreen or has deodorant stains, bin it – if you really love it put it in the washing basket.  Give it a soak for 24 hours in Vanish soaking powder.  If that doesn’t work put it in the bin.


Anything that isn’t really clean put in the laundry basket for a wash before it goes back in your wardrobe.


Items that you haven’t worn for at least a year.

The best way to do this is to strip down to your undies and find a well lit full length mirror.  Try each item on and ask yourself:

Why haven’t you worn the item?

Is it because:

            - you never have the right occasion to wear it.  Ask yourself honestly if this is going to change – what would be the right occasion and if that occasion came up tomorrow would you definitely wear it?  If not it goes to the Red Cross pile.

            - it has never really fitted properly.  If the cut has never quite worked on you and its not flattering then get rid of it.  That is never going to change - Red Cross pile

            - you have nothing to go with it.  If you love it and it fits perfectly then think what might go with it and go out to the shops on a mission to find it. Take the item with you so you can try it on together to see if it works as an outfit.  If you can’t find anything it goes in the Red Cross pile

            - you are planning to lose weight and get into it -  be realistic, the chances are that when you do lose those kilos you will find that those bootcut/low waisted, skinnyleg/high waisted, super flared trousers look really out of fashion and that you would much rather buy something new to celebrate your weight loss – into the Red Cross pile

            - it needs mending. If you can’t find the spare button try Spotlight.  If you can’t find one that matches consider changing all of the buttons.  Specialist menders can replace zips and take up hems.  Mending pile


and for Shoes:

            - you can’t stand in them for more than 5 minutes before you cry – Red      Cross pile

            - they are too small/big - Red Cross pile

            - they are scuffed – buy some polish/a suede brush and clean them!

            - need reheeling – take to the menders

            - old, tatty and smell – probably time for the bin!



Don’t forget Your Undies Drawer!

            - greying bras which have gone a bit funny in the wash belong in the bin

            - undies with dodgy elastic or saggy bottoms - in the bin

            - check all your stockings - if they have a hole - bin them

            - can’t find that other sock – bin it

Unwanted bras in good condition, particularly maternity bras are desperately needed in many developing countries.  Donate them to Uplift Project (see our donations page for details)


When you've finished your clear out, check our Donations Page for more information on how to get your clothes and accessories to Bindaring.  We can collect from October each year.





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