How to Get the Best Out of Op Shops

August 17, 2016

Hello! I’m Hannah, from In The Dress Up Box, self-confessed op shopping maniac and long time lover (and customer) of Red Cross stores. This week is National Op Shop Week, which may just be my favourite week of the year! If you ever needed an excuse to check out your local op shop then this is it!


If you’re new to op shopping or just a little overwhelmed by the whole concept then I thought I’d share a few of my thrifting tips and tricks so you can get the most out of your local op shop…


Take your time! Many op shops are a little disorganised and stuffed full to the brim with clothing, accessories, homewares and more. Make sure you give yourself enough time to carefully go through each rack, check out every section and try anything on that takes your fancy.


Use your hands to feel for quality fabrics. I am always on the lookout for natural fibres like cotton, silk, wool and leather. Fabrics like this stand the test of time, so even though they are second hand they’ll still have so much life left in them!






Go in with an open mind. Op shopping is one giant treasure hunt, you never know what you’ll come across, but if you go in desperately looking for a leather skirt, chances are you’ll miss the fabulous vintage coat that’s right in front of you. It’s OK to have a general idea of what you’d like to find, but just don’t get fixated on it!




Think outside the op shop.  Consider how an item will work with your existing wardrobe. That wild 80s skirt might look a bit crazy surrounded by all the colours, prints and polyester of an op shop, but what about if you paired it with your own black booties and perfect denim jacket? Better right?





If in doubt just buy it! The BRILLIANT thing about op shopping is that it allows you to try out different trends and styles without breaking the bank.  So if you see something you like but aren't quite sure you can pull it off... just get it!  At the very least you're helping out a charity that is doing wonderful work in the community and at the best you're getting a sweet new addition to your wardrobe for less than your lunch cost!


Finally don’t forget to have fun! National Op Shopping Week is all about having fun, trying something new and pushing yourself out of your shopping comfort zone.  So pop in to your local Red Cross op shop and have a rummage, you never know what treasure you'll find.  


Now the end of winter is in sight, if you have any jumpers or coats that didn’t make it out of the cupboard this year, why not take them with you and donate.



Xx Hannah 



P.S National Op Shopping Week is  EXCELLENT practice for the annual Bindaring Red Cross Sale.  It’s like an op shop on steroids!!

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How to Get the Best Out of Op Shops

August 17, 2016

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